My batteries died some time ago

i got a heart shaped box where they must go~


David Tennant
will always be my Doctor!

Emily here! You can call me Emzy though ;3 I'm just a girl that is obsessed with.. lots of stuff. I make icons and graphics and I also post about lots of things! So I hope you enjoy your time here~
I love to design graphics, watch movies, play video games, watch TV, draw, read, and listen to music. Music is my life! My favourite artists are 100 Monkeys, Family Force 5, Muse, Alice Nine, Thom Yorke, Lostprophets, The Killers and loads of other stuff :] I also LOVE anime and manga. My collection is very big!
I love Jackson Rathbone, David Tennant, Ben Graupner, Tommy Knight, Cameron Bright, Jamie Campbell Bower, Matthew Grey Gubler, Ben Johnson, Jerad Anderson, Ashley Greene, Catherine Tate, and Charlie Bewley. I also love anime/manga/video games. My favourites are Soul Eater, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Mariokart, Pokemon, and Final Fantasy.